We have a lot of practice advising clients with complex and multiple disabilities through the NDIS, also helping them accomplish their goals.

Therefore understanding, implementing, and optimizing the funded supports in your NDIS plan is easier with our own Support Coordination. In addition, To meet your requirements, we focus on connecting you to mainstream, community, and other government services. Of course, our committed Support Coordination team will assist you in having trustworthy conversation by connecting you with a handful of different sources. It is also allowing you to take control of your life and think independently.

We see the individuals and the opportunities at Guardians Care so we can assist you with:

  • deconstruct and comprehend your NDIS plan
  • Investigate both sponsored and non-funded possibilities for services and supports.
  • Identify and remove roadblocks to achieving your objectives
  • learn how to use the NDIS system
  • strengthen your ability to govern your own life
  • get ready for NDIS plan evaluations
  • be able to navigate the NDIS website

Our own Support Coordination Services include the following:

  • We will pay attention to your specific goals and needs.
  • A person-centered approach that is of high quality
  • Outstanding client service
  • A positive and innovative approach to achieving goals
  • Customer service that is both courteous and professional
  • Taking the first step to your resources.
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