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Guardians Care Pty. Ltd. is an NDIS registered provider to make sure that the company is secured and liable. Being registered indicates that the organization has met strict government standards and protection requirements.

Our main mission and vision are to have passion.  Passion to support effective decision-making and to improve the quality of life of our clients, participants and their families by providing excellent and trusted care for wellness.  We believe that independence and choice is a fundamental right of all people regardless of their situation or personal challenges.  Also, passion to get a positive impact on operational effectiveness that will result in a high-quality service and to be recognized as the best resource of quality services in our organization. Because our goal is to provide a continuous, personalized service that supports our participants to enjoy a quality of life.

At Guardians Care, our carers in Sydney provide professional and friendly care for those needing assistance.  We tailor our support to your situation, and we are a recognized NDIS service provider. We give you the care at home you require so you can live independently and comfortably.


We do make sure that all the products in store are suitable for person with disability, health professionals and person who need healthcare. Guardians Care wants to see our health care facilities valued and put to good use.