What are NDIS Consumables?

NDIS Consumables – So what are they?

The word ‘consumable’ is a wide term that covers products used each day and are needed because of disability.  A consumable is an “off the shelf” thing which you may use each day to survive daily activities.

Consumables are regular use products you require to direct your personal disability needs. It’s essential to get what you really need and are required to fulfill your goals, so it should be written into your plan.

NDIS consumables are items and machines that help eligible Australians (NDIS participants) with daily living. Consumables consists wound and skin care, safety aids, dietary and lifestyle products which include continence pads. Funding for such items is cover in the budget known as NDIS Core Supports to assist disabled children and adults with daily life.

Below are the items under consumables:

  • Continence merchandise
  • Skin care and daily living
  • Specialized food dietary supplements
  • Merchandise for drinking and eating
  • Interpreting and translating services


These consumables above are use by people with disability who is eligible in NDIS funding. And would possibly require for their Core Support Needs.


Below are the examples of aids for daily living items that might needs by Core Supports:

  • Disposable pants and pads
  • Leg bags
  • Chair and mattress protection
  • Catheters
  • Compression stockings
  • Step stools
  • Bottle openers and knob turners
  • Food meal and drinks preparation systems
  • Kettle stabilisers and specialized Kettles


Anyone who allows NDIS consumables must fulfill strict government standard and protection requirements. “NDIS registered providers” are called to service providers who are registered and who can sell and provide NDIS consumables.


There are many varieties of groups that may provide NDIS consumables. It is useful if the providers are registered with NDIS however it also includes:

  • Large groups
  • Small non-profits
  • Charity foundation
  • Small Enterprise
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