Participants can use their transportation budget to receive disability supports outside of their residences and achieve their plan goals. If you can’t utilize public transportation without significant trouble due to your disability, you can usually get funds through the NDIS for transportation support.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) may give funding for you to pay Guardians Care, a service provider, to transport you to any appointments or leisure activities. Our transportation service can travel to and from appointments with a hospital or a physiotherapist, as well as to and from work, are examples of this. Transportation help enables you to fulfill your everyday activities while also addressing your desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Guardians Care aims to help you boost your mobility by assisting you with transportation, allowing you to get things done and complete important activities. We place a high value on your independence. Guardians Care can help you achieve your goals, allowing you to live a more mobile and enjoyable life.

Discuss the type of transportation support you require with our Support Worker to fit your personal goals and needs. Guardians Care can assist you with a lot of responsibility related to travel, such as the following:

  • Acquire a basic understanding of public transportation.
  • Take your Support Worker to a weekly grocery shopping.
  • Pick up your medicines at your local pharmacy.
  • Keep all your scheduled appointments.
  • Participate in community activities, organizations, or clubs to get more connected to people.
  • Go to the park or the library, or many other places
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