1. Support and service appointments are provided

The Terms and Conditions are incorporated into the Support Services Quote (“Quote’’). This document will remain a quote until all parties have signed it, at which point it will become a Service Agreement (“Agreement’’).

Guardians Care agrees to deliver your client with NDIS and/or fee-for-service assistance stated in the Quote up to the Quote’s highest value. Only if the service booking is accepted in the NDIS system is Guardians Care obligated to deliver NDIS supports to your client.

If funds are unavailable for any reason, such as your client’s NDIS plan being suspended, your client ceasing to be a participant in the NDIS, or your client’s NDIS plan allowances being consumed, Guardians Care may stop providing NDIS supports to your client.

  1. Support services pricing and payment

NDIS supports are priced according to the NDIS Price Guide. The pricing of fee-for-service supports is the same as the price of the NDIS Price Guide’s corresponding support service.

According to the NDIS Price Guide:

(a)Guardians Care shall request payment for allowed and provided non-face-to-face services as well as center financing costs, either as part of the quoted assistance or separately.

(b)High-intensity services may change from listed services due to worker availability, and may be requested using a different support item, but will not be higher than quoted.

After the NDIS supports in the Agreement have been given, Guardians Care will file a claim for payment. Guardians Care will send an invoice to your client’s particular plan manager for self-managed NDIS and fee-for-service services. Otherwise, Guardians Care will seek reimbursement from the NDIA directly. If your client financing is administered by a plan nominee or a plan management provider, you must give Guardians Care with all necessary contact information before support services can begin, and you must notify Guardians Care immediately if your client funding setting change.

  1. Guardians Care will make sure to:

(a) Be courteous and respectful to you and speak freely and honestly with you.

(b) Communicate with you on how and when support services are delivered, as well as conduct regular reviews with you.

(c) If Guardians Care needs to change or cancel an appointment, they must give you at least 24 hours’ notice.

(d) Gather information about your client’s support needs and objectives.

(e) Only share their information with critical Guardians Care workers and other external care providers in order to assist your client with support services.

(f) Alerts on feedback, complaints, privacy, and advocacy rights available to your client.

(g) Comply with the Guardians Care Privacy Policy when it comes to protecting your client’s privacy and confidentiality.

(h) Deliver support services to a high standard, with proper care, skill, and other considerations, in accordance with all applicable laws.

  1. Your company and your client will:

(a) Communicate freely and honestly with Guardians Care and treat them with politeness and respect.

(b) Inform Guardians Care about your client’s preferences for receiving support services to fulfill their requirements and encourage them to contact Guardians Care if they have any concerns about the services given.

c) Notify Guardians Care as quickly as feasible if your client’s health, medicine or personal care needs, transportation needs, or anything else that may affect how Guardians Care provides support services changes.

(d) Designate an emergency contact person who is available to be called at any time of day in the event of an emergency and is willing and able to make choices on your client’s behalf if necessary.

(e) Sign any forms that are required to provide Guardians Care permission to access information kept by the NDIA about your client if Guardians Care requires it to offer support services.

(f) Notify Guardians Care right away if your client’s NDIS plan is suspended or altered, if they stop participating in the NDIS, or if their NDIS plan allowances are depleted.

(g) Pay all Guardians Care invoices on time (either your company or the plan manager of the NDIS participant; whichever you prefer to pay the services provided) and ensure that sufficient funds are available to fulfill any Guardians Care direct debit payment.

(i) To terminate this Agreement, send Guardians Care at least 14 days’ written notice.

  1. Cancellation and adjustments

Guardians Care Pty. Ltd. Cancellation Policy will be discussed at the time of the initial request for services, whether face to face, telephone or email. To cancel the service, please advised Guardians Care Pty. Ltd., with at least a week notice and within the business hours of 9:00am – 5:30pm.

  1. Requests for information, feedback, complaints, and disagreements

Please contact the admin department at 0425697618 or with any questions about this Agreement, including questions about invoicing and payment.

Please contact our designated Guardians Care contact with any questions or concerns about the provision of support services, including requests to reschedule or cancel a planned service.

Please contact the Service Manager or send an email to if you have any feedback or a complaint regarding the service.

  1. Tax on goods and services

All NDIS assistance prices include GST if it is applicable. GST is included in all fee-for-service support fees.

  1. Others

Guardians Care reserves the right to amend changes to the terms and conditions at any time.

Your Company and your client’s privacy are important to us.

The privacy of your clients and their families is important to Guardians Care. The Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) in the Privacy Act (1988) and the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012, which govern how businesses collect, use, disclose, and store personal information, as well as how individuals can access and correct personal information held about them, are binding on Guardians Care.

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