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  • 3M Micropore White $20.93

    3M™ Micropore™ Surgical Tape is a multi-use, non-allergenic paper tape that is soft and gentle, sticks well, and removes with less sticky residue. Our latex-free breathable surgical tapes come in various of sizes, colors, and quantities.

  • Alcohol 70% Microl $14.30

    After high-level disinfection or reprocessing, Microl (500 milliliters) helps in the drying of surfaces. Microl is now the industry standard for device rinsing, having been designed to meet not just the most severe professional requirements. Microl provides this new standard to Australian buyers for the first time, while before this limited product market was dominated by foreign-owned corporations.

  • Alcohol Hand Gel $24.84

    Bactol Alcohol Hand Gel is an antimicrobial hand cleanser with macadamia oil to replenish the skin’s lipids, which are reduced when using alcohol. This helps to keep your hands clean and soft by preventing moisture loss and maintaining skin health. It has a 70% Ethanol v/v alcohol density, as advisable by WHO for best efficacy.

  • Attends Bib Disposable $82.72

    Attends Bibs are designed to protect the user’s clothing with a front pocket to stop spillages with an adhesive tape to keep the bib in place. The bib has fixation tape on the shoulders to keep the product in place during use. The top sheet absorbs any spills quickly, and the pocket can be turned inside out to reduce the risk of any spills.

  • AUTOCLAVE BAGS #5 $517.60

    No. 5 Autoclave/Sterilization Bag – with thermal seal, sensor, and labeling.

    To avoid low-temperature polymers inside the autoclave bag from adhering to the edges of the sterilizer or clogging the sterilizer vent pipework, autoclave bags are used for high heat sterilization.

  • Autoclave Indicator Tape Interster® Steam $10.66

    Interster® Steam Indicator Tape – these tapes are used to seal steam sterilised shipments. As a Type 1 indicator, they suggest exposure to saturated steam. The non-toxic ink indicator changes color from light to dark.

  • Autoclave Pouches Medipack $34.32

    Medipack Autoclave Sterilization Pouches are self-sealing and have an indication strip for quick and uniform closures. The pouches do not prevent steam sterilization from penetrating. During the sterilization process, the pouches automatically seal themselves, ensuring that the instruments within maintain sterility until the pouch is unsealed to be used.

  • Band-Aid Strips Plastic J&J $16.01

    A more contoured shape has been achieved. All-around protection that allows the wound to breathe. Adhesive with a long lifespan protects your wound from infection with side closures surrounding the pad. It is also hypoallergenic.

  • Bed Pan Heavy Duty Plastic $41.58

    The Autoplas Bed Pan is heavy-duty with a handle that is ideal for people with limited mobility.

  • Bed Wetting – Dry night trainer $73.99

    The Dry Night Trainer is a bedwetting alarm that looks like a child’s watch and can be worn on either of the child’s wrists. The alarm features two sensors that loop discretely through the sleeve of the pajamas and into the underwear to detect any pee droplets.

    When the sensor detects dampness, an alarm will ring, alerting the youngster that they need to use the restroom. The alarm will then turn off, allowing the kid to go to the bathroom and go back to sleep.

  • Bin Garbage Waste Bags 73L $82.79

    These waste bin liners are designed to fit any 73-liter rubbish bin. Ideal for wet garbage and shattered bottles in households, medical centers, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and clubs. It’s particularly useful in industrial settings where there’s a lot of waste.

  • Body Fluid Spill Clean Up Kit $47.77

    If microorganisms in body fluids and blood are not treated adequately, they pose a persistent threat.  A responsibility of care requires having the necessary supplies on hand to clean up a bodily fluid leak safely.

    ZeoMed spill kits come with everything you need to create an effective spill control system, making it easy for you to safeguard yourself and your colleagues.

    The Body Fluid Clean Up Kit comes in a little box that’s perfect for travel, automobiles, and portable first aid.

  • Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes $28.02

    Doctors developed and utilized Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes. Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes are used to disinfect and clean hands, surfaces, and equipment.

    Clinell’s innovative near-neutral pH formula promotes remarkable material compatibility by killing 99.999 percent of bacteria in 10 seconds, norovirus in one minute, and reducing MRSA cases by 55%.

  • Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes – Bucket $28.55

    Clinell Universal Wipes offer a variety of products for non-invasive medical device surface disinfection and cleaning. They may be used as a detergent and disinfectant wipe, and they have a patented antimicrobial solution that eliminates the need for several wipes and surface cleansers.

    Clinell has been proven to eliminate 99.999 percent of bacteria. One of the most powerful antibacterial products on the market is Clinell Universal Wipes. This groundbreaking mixture combines a variety of biocides. Each biocide works in a distinct way, lowering the chances of microorganisms gaining resistance.

  • Clinical Disposal Waste Bags Yellow 60L $34.62

    Clinical waste bags are used to safely store medical waste. They are yellow in color to help in clinical waste detection.

    Clinical waste is defined as waste that contains all or part of human or animal tissue, blood or other body substances, urine samples, drugs or other pharmaceutical products, swabs or dressings, injectables, pins, or other sharp objects, and is potentially hazardous to anyone who comes into contact with it unless rendered safe.

  • Cotton Balls Sterile Multigate 5’s $15.26

    Cotton that is 100 percent pure, soft, and absorbent. Apply cotton balls to the affected area after dipping or coating them in the appropriate solution.

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