We have our own Disability support workers that assist the disabled and elderly with a range of different duties. Personal hygiene assistance, mobility assistance, grocery tasks, meal preparation tasks, cleaning tasks, and social event management are just a few examples. The giving of connection and affection, as well as emotional support, is an important consideration of this professional responsibility. Disability support workers may come to see their clients on a regular basis or even live with them.

Clients’ mobility and wellbeing supported by disability support workers. They work in the homes of their clients, providing both physical and emotional care.

  • Assisting people with crucial day-to-day tasks
  • Assisting with personal hygiene and dressing duties on a daily basis
  • Performing household chores such as cooking and cleaning
  • Performing duties such as shopping outside of the home
  • Providing a diverse range of social activities
  • Providing emotional and social support
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