NDIS consumables are used on a regular basis to assist with the usage of patient disability-related activities and needs. These products are part of the NDIS core support category, which includes things like wound care supplies, and disposable incontinence products including pants, liners, and pads.

The NDIS consumables budget is allowing you to purchase a lot of options to assist you in your daily life activities, therefore it has flexible budget.

Each NDIS participant’s plan will be unique, as well as their consumable needs. Daily continence supplies, daily living aids, wound care items, and protective aids are among the categories of NDIS consumables that can be purchased with NDIS funds.

Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), incontinence, and walking or mobility problems can all be managed with these products. Disposable pants and pads, leg bags, and bed and chair protection products are some of the products you might require as part of your basic support needs.

Kindly check our NDIS consumable brochure to see a lot of products that may be used in your NDIS plan.

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